Wednesday, January 29, 2014

His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

I probably should have read the three books that came before this but I have a weakness for pretty covers and male point of views, so I was pretty lost in to what the hell was going on and that's totally okay I still fell in love with Chris in all that confusion. I liked being in his dirty little mind, "I plaster my hands on my jean-clad legs. Otherwise I'd grab her and eff her right now, before we even talk about the painting. And I like talking to Sara."  Sara I fell in love with her right off as well, "her lips curve slowly into a full-out smile. "I like being covered in you." She traces the dragon on my bare arm. "And I like your ink." I just really loved Chris so I honestly didn't mind being confused, my co** thickens with the raspy quality of her voice. "I told you once that if you stayed with me, I'd own your body. Every last inch of it. Marriage seals the deal." 

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