Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee

Alex he hates being interrupted when it's about to be naughty time, "since we can't seem to do anything without your family interrupting us, I want to take you somewhere private. A small cabin by the place we went yesterday. And no cell phones." Alex the man has some damn stamina, "they lay there for a few moments, his hands skimming her curves. Then he murmured, "you mentioned something about doing it from the side...?" There was a slight but slowly increasing pressure along a cucumber-sized length of the back of her thigh. He eyes widened. "You don't need" Alex he doesn't do things half a** and I'm pretty sure Natalie appreciates that, "her eyes widened when she saw him, but he didn't give a damn as he kicked the door shut. A primal instinct to mark her as his overwhelmed him, stripping away all restraint."  

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