Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Flag on the Play by Lois Kasznia

Kyle he's always eager to get his girl home alone, "halftime. We are leaving at halftime." Kyle stood firm. "No one will notice. Besides, the game is lopsided. The nuggets are crushing the Rockets. It's a boring game." Kyle he likes to take care of his woman, "she started to unbutton her pants, but Kyle's hand stilled hers. "That's my job." His tongue laved at her breasts making her shudder with desire. Payton's hand held Kyle's hips against hers so she could feel his erection." Kyle he likes to share his naughty dreams, "there's going to be nothing sweet about them. They are going to be filled with you and me having some pretty hot sex." Kyle laughed, his chuckle low and throaty." I'm not really into sports, okay well not at all but hey this was romance and I'm all about the romance. 

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