Friday, January 31, 2014

Believe by Erin McCarthy

I love this series, and I think with each book it gets better and better, and my new character from this series is Phoenix the man takes the cake, "he threw back the blanket that had been covering him below the waist and he stood up. He was in his underwear, black boxer briefs that clung to his thighs." He can be romantic in his own little way, "very good. Now show me how you say that you're glad to see me." I nuzzled into her neck, kissing her tender flesh there, my thumbs slipping under her waistband." He's very patient with his girl, "can I feel it first?" she whispered, her fingers teasing across the snap of my jeans. Oh, hell, yeah, she could feel it." He doesn't take much in thanks, "Phoenix glanced up at me. "Baby, that is not the point. Naked enthusiasm is all that's required." I'm really excited for the next book it can't come fast enough. 

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