Friday, January 31, 2014

Forged in Ash by by Trish McCallan

Kait and Cosky are just something else when they're together, "you're hard as a fricking rock." She didn't sound admiring. Cosky shoved down the urge to roll and drag her to his mouth. Gritting his teeth, he reached for his formidable control." Cosky he's something else, "why don't you turn over? I'll work the front for a while." Cosky swore beneath his breath. Considering the baseball bat that had sprung to life in his shorts, and the way his libido had hijacked his control, turning over was the last thing he should do." He can be an a**, "nothing." He eased back from the couch with slow, careful movements, as though he wasn't sure his knee would accept his weight. "You've had your half hour. So we're even, right? That's what you asked for." I mean he really is an a**, "You asked for half an hour, of sex, for the healing," he said patiently, as though he were reminding her." As the book goes on it's apparent how much Cosky cares for Kait, "goddamn it, Kait!" His voice rose with each word it thundered through the van. "Did she hurt you?" And I just loved them together, "he caught her hands in both of his. "The minute you touch me I go up in flames. I lose my common sense. I lose my control. All I can think about is getting naked under me." I can't wait to see who comes next in the series. 

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