Sunday, January 26, 2014

Instant Attraction by Jill Shalvis

I love Jill and I love her books so it was no surprise that I'd love this one. Cam good lord I loved that man, "earth to Goldilocks." He waved a gloved hand until she dragged her gaze back up to his face. "Yeah, hi. My bed. Want to tell me why you're in it?" Katie she's just adorable, "I really needed that. The ride," she defined. "Not the kiss." She smiled. "Well, I needed both. Both were great, actually." Cam he has no modesty in that hot little body of his and no shame, "he was looking at her panties and smiling. "Hello Kitty." Katie may be shy but she knows how to work a man, "I get hot on snowshoes. But not nearly as hot as I am right now - Jesus," he breathed when she licked his nipple. "Katie, listen. We should -" And getting caught making out like high schoolers in a truck on the side of the road was something else, "Stone's gaze once again slid toward Cam, whose hair was probably as messy as Katie's. His shirt was rumpled, and let's not forget the boner he was sporting. He looked like someone who cared a whole helluva lot. Stone merely patted the door, gave Cam one last long look, then walked back to his truck." Katie is adorable yes, but a drunk Katie is damn tempting, "you're hard to read.I mean, sometimes I can tell. Like when you have your tongue down my throat, I know what you're thinking then." 

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