Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sinners and Saints by Ambear Shellea

I loved this book, it had an iffy beginning because I was like 'wtf is going on' but I kept on trucking and I was super glad I did because well I fell in love with Dorrian (holy sh** this might mean Ozzie may have competition coming his way.) Dorrian he's all business in the beginning, "I am deducting twenty thousand from your payment for the expense of a Dr. and a really good makeup artist to cover up all those bruises that will show up by morning." He's just someone you couldn't help fall in love with even though you totally thought he was a boob in the beginning, "I beg you. If you can just hold on for today, all will be explained tomorrow. I promise you. You will not suffer here and I will not send you to be someone's play thing." Dorrian and Vylette don't like to be disturbed when erm... they are getting it on, "another knock at the door invaded her heaven. Disappointed, she placed her hands on his head when he dropped it on her chest, voicing his opinion. "That is the fourth knock. Who ever it is, isn't going away which means it is probably urgent." Dorrian cares about Vylette that is apparent and I think he wants to make sure what they're doing together doesn't hurt her reputation, "I suppose I should have went to my own room or set and alarm so I wouldn't be here when she showed up...But I was pretty exhausted after our little workouts." 

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