Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Boss by Abigail Barnette

Whelp it seems I know how to choose books that have damn cliffhhngers than stand alones. Nail he's all business in the beginning, "I know that Gabriella was very particular about things around here. I'm not saying that I won'y be particular about your work, I will be. But I'm not going to fire you if you bring me the wrong coffee." Neil he can be cordial, "don't try to be cool," he scolded. "I'm not kicking you out. I thought we could order room service and see where the evening takes us." Which is code for 'I ain't done with your a** yet.' Neil I don't think he never NOT gets what he wants, "he rose from the bed and walked to me, totally comfortable in his own nakedness, and pulled my clothed body against him. One hand groped my a** through my jeans, the other pressed against the small of my back. "Do I think it would be a good idea to spend forty-eight or more hours effing you? Taking you in every room of my house, on every bed, desk, chair and table in the place?" 

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