Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seven Sons by Lili St. German

I actually was really pleased on how much I loved 'Sammi' in this story normally I don't like women hell bent on revenge but her mind is pure entertainment, "but now, standing here like this, so completely naked and alone, I shed a single tear. For my father. For the little girl I used to be, who had everything ripped away. I shed a tear because she is about to die, six years after she cheated death." I mean her mouth says one thing and her mind is saying another, "I want you to make me a star," I say sweetly. I want to bury you alive, you murdering effing a**hole." Jase I loved, and I'm really hoping that by the end of this series Jase and 'Sammi' will get that happily ever after. 

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