Saturday, January 25, 2014

Alabama Sons by E.A. Whitehead

I enjoyed this book so damn much! Jackson I loved his fine southern a** right off, "a delicious looking woman standing in front of me." His words dripped and I fought the urge to let my mouth drop." And his mind is something out of this world, "she's pi**ed at me. Eff , shes hot when she's pi**ed. The way her lips stretched to a flat line." I mean I died laughing at his thoughts, "when I turned around and she was walking back to her car. He backside held that perfect curve, the really round kind that fills out just slightly at the side. This was getting old; my d**k and me were just going to have to agree on everything today." Penny she knows how to drive her man wild, "she continues kissing the corner of my mouth, my neck, and my ear lobe as we drove back to my apartment in Tuscaloosa. I drew the line when she started pulling at the buttons of my shirt." Jackson he likes to take care of himself and I found his grooming habits very well...I was turned on, "thank go I had manscaped last night before taking her out. It hadn't mattered before, but it suddenly had started to bother men, the thought of Penny seeing anything more than the well-groomed version of me." And Jackson he finds himself in some of the funniest/awkward moments, "except, I couldn't get up, because I was up. I wasn't kidding when I said she was naked in my dream. And now my anaconda was swimming. "eff," I mumbled under my breath." 

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