Thursday, January 23, 2014

You Belong to My Heart by Nan Ryan

I liked this book a whole hell of a lot and I loved Clay, "so I am," he said calmly in a low, soft baritone, "but then you've seen me like this before. Many times." His long, lean fingers continuing to grip her wrist as he slowly turned his dark head so that the bright moonlight struck him full in the face. "Have you forgotten all those hours we spent naked together?" A long pause. Then, "Have you forgotten....Mary?" He's such a damn tease as well, "his dark face descending to hers, he said, "Perhaps you're one of those women who prefers making love in the morning." Mary Ellen although married before well she can be a little shy and yet aroused, and in awe of her man's goodies, "Mary Ellen's face grew warm as she stared unblinkingly at the flaccid male flesh at rest amid the dense, curly blue-black hair of his groin. She trembled at the recollection of what that innocent-looking organ could do to her when it was fully erect." Clay he can be so gentle and sweet, "I'll show you, baby," he whispered, pressing heated kisses to her ivory shoulders. "Relax against me," he advised. "Let me do all the work. I'll go slowly, gently, until you're..." He thrust a little farther into her as she sighed and settled against him." 

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