Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reluctantly Lycan by Jez Strider

Kaden sure knows how to give warm welcomes, "then, Kaden stepped forward, cupping her face roughly in his hands pressing her into the wall as his mouth found hers. Mara's brain yelled no, but her instincts responded with a resounded yes as she returned the kiss." Kaden he's blunt and can sometimes be rude, "I didn't intend to assault you like that. It's late in the season for you to be in heat." Kaden jerked out a kitchen chair, spun it around, and straddled it facing her." He doesn't like others touching what's his, "if you had mated with that man, he would be dead now." He sniffed again. "But, the only arousal I smell is yours." I mean he really does have issues with other men touching Mara, "don't touch her and make sure everyone else knows. I won't be responsible for my actions when I'm the wolf." 

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