Monday, December 31, 2012

War of Gods Trilogy By Lizzy Ford

So this is must first review of a book with more then one story in it so bare with me. First off i LOVE Lizzy's books, this series I was hesitant to read as it's not something I would actually buy and read, but when Lizzy said she'd send me a copy for review I said I'd give it a shot. Honestly I'm really glad I did I got into the series with no trouble.  
Damian's Oracle: 
Where to start, how about with Damian who is cocky, and thinks really highly of himself. "Damian Bylun stared at the phone. It was a cold day in Hell when someone dared hang up on the White God, the defender of mankind, the Tamer of Evil. Or, in the words of his closest friends, the BS Master of the Universe." See I told you he was a cocky little shit! There were times I loved Damian, especially the scenes where we see the softer side of him with Sofia, other times I wanted to strangle him, and lastly He leaves me laughing my ass off, without meaning to. "I'm not going to eat you, so you can stop looking at me like that," he said with a bitter edge that was lost on her. She looked down near tears again. "That didn't come out quite right." I truly love how he explains Sofia to Jule and Dusty, "She's this sexy little thing with beautiful eyes. Lots of spunk and stubborn as an ox. Nice rack, killer legs. So sweet and innocent." Even though he is a God (literally, we shouldn't complement him his ego is already HUGE) he's seriously horny, but I actually got the feeling this quote shows how he's falling in love with her and cares about her. "I'll say it again: you're welcome in my bed, preferably naked though this is good enough for now, I guess." I was really overjoyed when we find out that Damian's brother is still alive. Some events made me cry, which I don't think Lizzy has ever done for me but I'm glad it finally happened.
Damian's Assassin:
I LOVE Dusty and his bluntness, I really do. "For the most part the major decisions were made for you," he replied, "you do have the choice of sharing my bed or sleeping on the couch." Although I enjoyed the story of Dusty and Bianca I have to say Damian and Sofia are kind of still my favorite right now. We learn so many new things in this part of the book that it's sometimes hard to take in. I know I feel bad for Bianca and her brother Jonny tough times are ahead of them that's all I can say without revealing to much.
Damian's Immortal:
I kind of didn't like this part of the installment of the series mainly because Jule had to save a damsel in distress, and the fact that Yully had an abusive adopted father, who was a selfish prig and was only thinking of taking over the world and himself! As the book gets to the good parts you see Yully growing up, standing up for herself, and becoming her own person (with some help form Damian, Dusty, Sofia, Bianca, Darian, and the major one that plays part in it is Jule) and I really enjoyed that aspect in the book. Jule well what can I say about him... he has some um... issues I guess. "Sweetheart, I'm sitting in your car bleeding to death. I think I'm doing pretty damn good, considering I would've been able to kill him if you hadn't shot and run me over," he replied in irritation.

I would really recommend this series, remembering my rule "Never judge a book by it's cover." 

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