Monday, December 31, 2012

Rock the Heart By Michelle Valentine

 I hate Noel but at the same time love him (is that even possible?) Oh my God, first time we meet him what an ASS! The second time really isn't any better, and he's so cocky it unnerves me, "Lane, I never knew you had this little hard-ass business chick inside of you. I have to admit, this no-nonsense attitude is kind of hot. Plus, I didn't know you thought about riding me. That's one think I know I can make happen for you." I of course couldn't help but laugh I mean I've read about some cocky characters but Noel right now just tops the cake! This is the second, or maybe third book I read where a rockstar was one of the main characters, and I honestly don't know why but I tend to read between the lines of these books, it's probably because I think the rockstar is broken and misunderstood and I'm weird, but anyway I came to the conclusion that this book is about two people finding and needing each other again. Even though Lanie is strictly business Noel seems to find a way to make it kind of not strictly business "Before I can think he grabs me up into his arms, against his chest, " little crazy...maybe" He leans into my ear, and says with a slight growl, "Dance with me." One scene in the books I almost DIED geesh the way Ms. Valentine writes about his abs is literally my undoing, "The tips of my fingers glide down pecs and stop to linger on his well defined abs. Noel quirks his right pierced eyebrow and wears the most devilish smile I've ever seen."you like those, huh?" I mean a girl can only take so much here people, so yummy I know right! I already told Michelle that she needs to write faster I knew "Rock the Bed" like 10 seconds ago. 

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