Monday, December 31, 2012

Devoured By Emily Snow

Where to begin... well in four words I LOVE LUCAS WOLFE!!!!! Oh my God that man is so fine! While reading I kind of read between the lines and came to the conclusion that Lucas teaches Sienna to grow some balls and stand up for herself, while Sienna teaches Lucas about trust and love again. (I hope that is what the meaning of the book is Ms. Snow) Sienna appreciated Lucas not for his money, but for his music (personally I think he finds it refreshing and yet is a little shocked) "Lucas Wolfe is all muscles and tattoos and sexiness, but it's his music that has a way of getting to me. It strips me down." Of course when we first meet Lucas he's a little cocky shit, but name one guy who isn't one at some point in time. "Before you try to bullshit me, you should probably know I never forget a face." Then he lifts his eyebrows wickedly and says, "or a body" They tease each other, but the cutest thing I find is they're inside joke "Google is your friend." Through all the teasing you can also figure out how passionate Lucas is about Sienna, "He kisses me, urgently, deeply- so hard he leaves my lips tender and bruised." While reading you can also figure out that Lucas pushes people he cares about away instead of letting them in, and I wonder how differently things would have turned out if he would have just told Sienna the truth she probably would have stood by him. In the end they do find love (that was not a no brainer) "But you're right- you are and idiot, if you thought I ever stopped loving you... Mr. Wolfe." BUT will the love be enough to work over the obstacles that I'm sure will come in book TWO of the series, "Consumed" (Which seriously needs to be out NOW so I can read it and find out what happens) 

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