Monday, December 31, 2012

Fallen Too Far By Abbi Glines

  This book had me banging my head against the wall. Rush was just ugh... that boy infuriated me at certain points in the book. I loved the first impression Blaire gave Rush's brother Grant. "You instant reaction to being scared is to pull out a gun on someone? Damn girl where are you from? Most girls I know squeal or some shit like that." Blaire may not fit in Rush's life with all his money and the girls he has, but that girl sure has a backbone, especially when it comes to why she wears things or her mother. "Because my mother bought it for me to wear. I was stoop up and never got the chance. Tonight you invited me and I wanted to fit in, so  I wore the nicest thing I had. I'm sorry that it wasn't quite nice enough. You know what though? I don't give a shit, you and your uppity spoiled friends all need to get over yourselves." Rush tries to push himself away from Blaire, but it doesn't work, not to mention there's the guilt of her sleeping under the stairs (reminded me of Harry Potter) was starting to get to him. "Take any room on the left side of the hall you want. Throw that dam peanut butter away and eat what the hell you want in this kitchen." I think Blaire was relieved when Rush said that she was nothing like her father, (they both hate him). "You think I don't know that by now? You've been sleeping in a damn broom closet without complaint. You clean up after me, you don't eat properly, I am aware you are nothing like your dad. But you are a guest in my home and I want you eating in my kitchen and treating like it's yours." This book truly made a lasting impression on me, I can't get it out of my head and I've read it like 4 or 5 times now. Hated the ending I really did (hence me banging my head against the wall) NOW I have to wait until "Never Too Far" comes out for the ending of Rush and Blaire's story (better be a happy one)! Did I mention I can't stop staring at the hottie on the book cover!

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