Monday, December 31, 2012

Gabriel's Hope By Lizzy Ford

GAHHH!!! Where to start, so Gabriel is now Death and Rhyn is now head of the counsel. Lizzy does a great job at updating us on where all the characters are now in their lives, I was especially happy to see the update on Rhyn and Katie (my fave couple from the series) "Dude, you have no f***king idea. I'd take a herd of demons over this shit. One day she's begging me to f***k her every five minutes. The next, it's my fault she gained twenty pounds. I told her to lay off the ice cream. Been on the couch for a week..." Even tho the story isn't about Rhyn he's just funny so of course I'd have to put a conversation he and Deidre have in my review! 
      "What'd you do to piss him off?" Rhyn asked, "He's a raving lunatic out there right now." 
      "Piss him off?" Deidre repeated. "He killed my boyfriend! Chopped his head off right in front of me." Her throat was too tight to say more." 
      "Good man. I would've done the same."
Gabriel is always getting right to the point of things like he NEVER beats around the bush but this I found so funny I almost peed myself. "I'll make it easier. Do you want me to make love to you or hug you?" When Deidre is pissed she is a spitfire I'm telling you I love this girl, and hopefully Gabriel can find it in his heart to do so as well, since they're kinda mated for like eternity and all. "Doesn't seem like rocket science. I find out I was a socialpathic deity. You issue me an ultimatum I can't live with and then make out with some lady at the lake. Oh and I picked up someone else's soul last night." She said. "yesterday was not a good one. We're through, by the way Gabriel." One thing I truly disliked was once again the cliffhanger that Ms. Ford is famous for, now I need the next book like yesterday to find out what happens. I'm also not happy about something else that happens but that would mean giving away a spoiler.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I super liked Gabriel since before in the Rhyn Trilogy and I am so happy that he finally got his book. I can't wait to read this book especially with the excerpts you have included. So excited! :D