Monday, December 31, 2012

Katie's Hope By Lizzy Ford

When I read "where the name of her ancient Immortal male Rhyn, had been until he broke their mating bond two days before." I was mortified, pissed and sad. Katie brings the best out in Rhyn and I want them together! Then I read the next page and it was just a dream, and AHHHH Katie is knocked up OH MY GOD!!! yea I thought that like 500 times excited but then I thought about Rhyn that boy is NOT ready to be a daddy. Hannah and Kris are starting to get on my nerves just want to reach through the book and punch them! At least Rhyn is semi-sweet in this book, "I watch them watch you," he said. "You draw them out on your runs, and I kill them. We're a good team." I cried my heart out in this book! Once again thank the heavens I have the next book in the series!! 

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