Monday, December 31, 2012

Katie's Hellion By Lizzy Ford

Lizzy was kind enough to give me the books in this series to read and review, and I must say I wasn't disappointed (I'm never disappointed with Lizzy's work). She has a great talent and Rhyn was he's a beast (metaphorically and literally), the dialogue between the characters is memorable and so aren't the characters themselves. "You could've asked me for anything in the universe and you ask me to babysit a human." Katie is a take no crap kind of girl, and she speaks her mind. "Your shit is everywhere," she said. "And what in the name of holy are you doing with a sword? Is that even legal?" At this particular point Katie doesn't know which way is up. "You drop off some sort of Demon in my house try to convince me I'm either completely crazy or suffering from amnesia, stalk me to this gala and expect me to tell you where I spend every minute of every day?" The Rhyn and Katie mate thing I love a lot, Lizzy does nice sex scenes, I mean it's left to your imagination, but it still gets your blood going. I'm really glad I have the next book in the series as the cliffhanger was just to much. My most memorable quote that I have to say is my favorite is "So you repay me for rescuing you by eating my arm?" 

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