Saturday, January 24, 2015

Enchant by Rachel Van Dyken

I decided to focus on the romance part because in books that's what makes me happy and Luca he knows, he's not stupid that Miss thang thang Joyce has been ogling him, "I knew she'd been staring at me, how the hell could I not? There wasn't a moment I wasn't aware of her."  Luca he's a simple man, and when he worries that isn't enough to keep his woman, Joyce has to reassure her man what she likes, "anytime you can have Chinese at your beck and call..." I winked. "Not s***." Luca is a patient man but when it comes to getting it on with his woman not so much, "I tugged my shirt free of my pants with too much force, then ripped it open, not wasting time with buttons, they clattered to the floor." Obviously the ending was something I sort of expected as it's the prequel to Rachel's hit Mafia series, but it still hurt to see it end that way. 

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