Saturday, January 24, 2015

Callous by Xavier Neal

Sometimes being in a car with Erin can get frustrating, especially when the woman's hands have one thing in mind, "I'd just rather completely focus on your hand on my d***." I groan before moaning under my breath, "Eff, Erin..." CJ, he can be a generous fellow especially where the panties are concerned, "I'll buy them in Every. Effing. Color." His lips fall to my ear. "And then I'll rip them off you all over again." Even while joking with her man about another man he can get jealous, "in case you forgot babe how good I was in the sack yesterday let me remind you why you wouldn't even think of effing the milk man." CJ he's protective and loves to see his woman dressed up but not at the price of other men seeing her that way as well, "as much as I enjoy the view babe, you're my woman and I don't appreciate the entire world getting a view of that a** I'm gonna spank later tonight." I loved this book we even got to see Maxx and Logan and how they're handling their certain situation.  

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