Friday, January 23, 2015

Slow and Steady Rush by Laura Trentham

I loved Robbie I loved how he had morals, "because you were blitzed, and excuse me for being gentlemanly, but I didn't want you puking your guts up while I screwed you." Such a nice boy. His thoughts sometimes were of those of a teenage virgin who was nervous, "I'll go, but only if Robbie wants to." She cast him an inscrutable look under her lashes. What did that mean? Did she want to go out with him?" He's sometimes pretty open about his thoughts, "you have no effing idea how much I want you. I think about getting your legs around me every waking second of the day." Robbie and Darcy were like teenagers at times, "Jesus Christ, couldn't you tell I enjoyed it?" A knock startled them apart. Robbie yanked his pants up while Darcy moved to the door straightening her clothes." Robbie sometimes has to check with his girl on things, "I brought three condoms. Do you think that will cover us?" He smiled into her hair." I really liked this book and I think I'm going to like this series, it has the atmosphere I like with small towns, and it has sex so this series will probably go far on my radar. 

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