Friday, January 30, 2015

Try With Me by Elyssa Patrick

Jamie that boy amused me, "so, the heart is for me, then?" Jamie leans forward, shoving his cup to the side. "Because I work a lot slower than that. I usually wait for the fourth or fifth date before I say anything about love." I mean he does need to work on his game when asking a girl out, "yeah. Dinner. Drinks-well, you don't drink alcohol but other types of drinks. Dessert. Hopefully lots of kissing to follow." He looks at my mouth again, his eyes darkening. "I can't stop wondering how you'll taste." He's a boob man he appreciates any size or shape, "Zelda, I don't give a flying eff if you're big or not. All I want right now is to see your breasts. Touch them. Lick them. Suck them." When he's in the mood, he's in the mood boy doesn't care where he is, "no one else is here," he says. "I don't share. I don't like others to look. It's always just you and me. And, remember, we got naked in the kitchen." I can't wait for Griff's book, although I'm thinking I missed a book in this series but that doesn't really matter as their all about different couples and stand alones. 

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