Friday, January 30, 2015

Unconditional by Cherie M Hudson

*Slams hands down on the table* I want the next book NOW! That's how much I enjoyed this book, there is no cliffhanger but the characters were really likable and I want their stories hence my impatience. Heather, not only did I like her for sharing the same name as me, but I liked her because she reminds me of me, when I don't take my meds, "Heather threw back her head and laughed. And laughed. "Maci, by the way you were looking at Raph earlier, you don't only want to do kissing with him. You want to do all sorts of other things as well, like f-" Brendan or muscle man as I called him because that boy is seriously built has a great sense of humor and I just wanted his story, "okay, I'll give you that. But being gawked at because I'm hot and sexy and incredible is different from being gawked at because I'm one third of a scandalous love triangle every man and his dog is talking about." Raph doesn't like waking up to find his woman missing from his bed, "...followed by a low, deep voice saying, "get your arse back in my bed now, woman." He can be a bit over dramatic but hey it's one of the reasons he's so dream-worthy, "I want to take those off you," he said. "I need to take those off you. And your bra. I think if I watch you do it, I'll effing blow my load in my boxers." I'm really excited to get book 2 whenever it comes out hopefully soon! 

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