Friday, January 30, 2015

: Time Will Tell by Chantal Fernando

YAY! I love this series and I totally just realized that Chantal has three series connected into one, if that makes sense it made sense in my head, but anyway the point is I saw all my favorite characters, met some new ones and am eagerly waiting for Arrow's book. Xander he's a confident man, "I have nothing to prove, babe. I'm all man. And I don't give a eff what other people think." Zack I honestly can't wait for his book he's quite the character and the brother/sister relationship he has with Trill I loved, "if you want to know, I'm a little sore, you know, down there, so I thought it would be best if I didn't join him because if I did, I'd be up against the tiled wall right now screaming his name." I enjoy watching him spit out the mouthful of his coffee." After reading just one of Chantal's books I've learned that all her men are possessive and protective, "he effin' grabbed you. No one gets to touch you, Trillian. You're mine and they should effin' know better, and now they will." He's an a** man he loves his girl's a**, "what a effin' view. Her a** is perfectly rounded, and she has a lot to grab. I like that. A lot." I can't wait for another book by her to be released.

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