Friday, January 30, 2015

Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera

Anima was interesting to me, I really liked her character, "I couldn't understand the male. One minute he'd been intent on killing me, then the next he'd told me he liked me - or my new face anyway. What is up with that?" I'm really shipping Azz and her I'm really hoping in the next book something happens because I loved that boy, something sparkled in his eyes, which he quickly masked with feigned impatience. "Now darling, put them away. I know I'm marvelous, but, girls don't usually throw their clothes off in front of me. Not before a cup of coffee at least." Frowning, I looked down at myself and found I was completely naked!" I can't wait to see what book two brings hopefully some romance between Azz and Anima. 

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