Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Only for her Dragon by Julia Mills

Aaron may be a beast but that boy sure is considerate, "our first time will not be a quickie and I will not leave you when it's over." Everyone knows I like my men bossy, and alpha and I loved the scenes where Aaron's dragon would come through, "his dragon growled, puffing smoke and pushing the man to ease their mate's discomfort." I really wish there were more scenes of his dragon becoming dominant. Sometimes it's good to have brothers who are already mated it means you can learn from their past mistakes and take their advice even if it's not warranted, "he continued to eavesdrop, hoping to catch one of the stories when a dinner roll hit him in the face. "Snap out of it, Romeo. She's fine and you don't need to be eavesdropping. That s*** will get you sleeping in the doghouse faster than anything else," Aidan said." Overall I liked this book the only thing I would have liked to see more of was more dominance in the men. I mean they are dominant but I wanted more alpha and more of their dragons to come through. 

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