Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Grizzly Love by Eve Langlais

Travis gets his turn and I couldn't wait to dive in. Gene I missed that boy's moodiness, "one, anyone can see you're getting effed over. Two, I didn't like your husband. He smells off. And three, Vicky told me to do something about it. I'd hate to disappoint her." When these men find their mates their a**es are whipped, with a capital 'W'. Travis's body sometimes has a mind of it's own when Jess is around, "his naked man shape. "Hey, Doc. What's up?" Not his d***, thank god. This wasn't a really appropriate time to have dirty fantasies about Jess." I really liked this book, I always love Eve's book that one is a woman click for me, I always look forward to her humor, and her characters. 

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