Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Where the Road Takes Me by Jay McLean

**********************PROBABLY CONTAINS SPOILERS**************************

There was one aspect I didn't like in the beginning that I thought Blake should have fixed and that was he did have a girlfriend and was all attracted to Chloe, I just wanted him to fix that, once it was fixed I enjoyed the book. Blake's thoughts are strange, "so, for six days Hannah had frozen me out, and I didn't notice. For six hours, Chloe did the same, and it felt like my life was over." Obviously the boy is a tad dramatic. Blake isn't shy about showing his attraction to Chloe, "it's okay," I told her. "You'd just be a distraction anyway. Go. Leave." She chuckled and walked away. I stared at her a**. "Holy s***," I mumbled." As you can tell or maybe not the book to me was full of raw emotion I'm not sure if any of the quotes I chose will represent that or not, and it's told in dual point of views. I enjoyed the fun times Chloe and Blake had especially in the hairdressers when Blake was explaining why he needed the haircut, "my girlfriend likes to tug on my hair when we...you know? I'm thinking it needs to be cut back a lot. She's startin' to hurt me." I really loved this book, once the characters got things in place and got their acts together it was a great read I fell in love with Blake's friend Josh so I'm hoping there will be a book in the works for him.

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