Thursday, January 29, 2015

Love, Chocolate and Beer by Violet Duke

Luke is a real charmer, "I went from thinking 'pants on fire' to thinking about your pants." His voice graveled, heated for a second as if teased by his own words. "Then, well, you can follow the breadcrumbs." When talking about his 'member' he calls is soldier and I always cracked up about that, "honey, if we had, the trench barricade my soldier is failing to hide behind wouldn't be taller than yours right now." He sometimes does the right thing, but Dani makes it hard, "you're not thinking clearly, babe. It's the adrenaline - don't growl at me. I'm trying to be noble here, dammit. We can argue again later and have make-up sex. At home." I think I'm going to like this series, there was humor swoon-worthy men and women who knew how to stand up for themselves. 

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