Thursday, January 29, 2015

Beautiful Redemption by Jamie McGuire

I loved this book, it wasn't better than Travis's but it was better than Trent's. Thomas he's a smooth talker, "maybe. The way you hold your mouth when you're angry is...pretty effing amazing. I might be a d*** to you all night just so I can stare at your lips." Liis I loved her smart-mouth, "your brother Trent. And Travis. And you're Thomas. Who am I missing? Tiger and Toadstool?" There were times in this book that I felt, I'm not sure exactly what the feeling was but I felt for Liis, "the one you're still in love with. And then you kiss me to stop thinking about it?" Obviously Thomas is not shy I don't think any of the Maddox brothers are shy, "Thomas, who was covered only by the white towel held loosely at his waist. "Baby, have you seen my..." He saw Camille first, and then his eyes searched for me. "Raxor?" I'm really excited for the next Maddox story, Jamie is always a one-click for me. 

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