Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Inevitable by J.L. Beck

Didn't read the first book, but I heard it had a cliffhanger really not big on those LOL, but anyway I didn't feel lost or out of place reading this book. Zerro he's damaged and Bree is his salvation, and that boy is strange when it comes to showing affection, "then show me. Show me how much you hate me," he whispered. His teeth grazed over my ear as his c*** pressed against my hot core." He catches on quickly and when some good hard loving doesn't work to getting his woman happy and not mad at him he owns it, "right...So effing you senseless won't make things better, but it'll get you to forget for a short time." The restaurant scene with the waitress amused me I'm not sure it was supposed to amuse people but I'm twisted when it comes to what amuses me, I'm strange like that, he reacted like a bada** would react, "yeah, you know like, an issue. There isn't a damn reason to shove s*** at me. There is most definitely no reason to take that tone with my woman, and if you care about your job in the least bit, you'll take the high effing road." Lots of twists and turns and I enjoyed every minute of this crazy ride.

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