Sunday, January 25, 2015

Temptation by Robin Covington

Max doesn't mix his words, "when we eff, it's probably going to kill me." It came out as a growl, as I tipped her face up to mine and wasted no more time in taking what I wanted." He likes his woman to know that her noises she likes to make do not go unappreciated, "eff. I love that sound. It makes me hard."  I loved the easiness that Mad and Kit had when together, "Kit, every man wants you to stroke his ego after you've stroked his c***. It's crazy, but we're built like that in our DNA." He gives his woman time to do her work, he's a real considerate man, "I'm going to lie here and recover, so you've got fifteen minutes to write down what's in your head." I enjoyed this book, I loved Max. 

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