Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sunrise Kisses by Krista Lakes

Out of all the books in this series this one is my favorite, I loved Bastian the boy was growly, broody, and really really sexy, "I didn't ask for your apology," he growled. "I asked if you wanted to see it." I mean the boy just wasn't in the best of humor at times and it made for great entertainment, "I'm not paying you to stand around," he growled. I nearly dropped my tablet on the floor, but managed to catch it in the nick of time. He glared at me. "There are deadlines for a reason. If I wanted someone to stand and look pretty, I'd hire a model." I was totally with Ava and the appreciating of his a** he had a nice one, "I got a nice view of his a** as he bent to open one of the desk drawers. Grinning like an idiot, I lay down on the couch and listened for the crinkle of a wrapper." I can't wait for another book this is a series I always can't wait to get another book for. 

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