Thursday, January 29, 2015

Every Hearty by L.K. Collins

Well not a love triangle, sort of I had my doubts and worries but I think LK did a great job telling Nate, Bain and Arion's point of views, now I just paid mainly attention to Bain and Arion as I know there is going to be another book and this time it will be Nate's which means I'll focus on him next time. Bain is actually more vulnerable in this book he's not sure which way Arion is going to go and it's killing him, "of course I did. I lost my effing mind without you." I really loved the closeness Arion and Bain had, "she walks back in with a water for James and sits next to me. So close that she is practically on my lap." As the story goes on you see Bain's confidence come back not that the boy ever really lost it but the situation was taking a toll on him so when he was back to his old self I was excited and happy, "well, you should have told Carl to get a limo so I could have effed you." Now that I feel Bain and Arion got what they deserved I can totally focus on Nate and his many, many issues in the next book. 

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