Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tamed by You by Kate Perry

Oh Ethan you're something else, "no comment." Lately, when he took care of himself, he thought about Valentine Jones and unbuttoning her little sweater." He's just so hot, "you ordered me to be here," he mumbled in his deep voice." He's sort of an animal, "meet me here tomorrow at one. I'll have a game plan by then." His only reply was a growl as he walked out. He probably made noises like that during sex." He's good at certain,, "she moaned, wanting his hands all over. Unable to wait, she straddled him and yanked his T-shirt to feel him up. Valentine." He groaned her name, and it sent ripples of desire through her. He kissed her again and then nuzzled her neck. "How long will you let me kiss you?" Did I mention the whole caveman thing?:
                         Valentine didn't have time to tell her friend to shut up, or to ask what Ethan was doing there, or to find out where Sophie was. Before she could do more than look up at Ethan, he hauled her onto his shoulder like she was nothing. She squeaked. "What are you doing?" 
                            "Taking you home, where you belong." 

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