Monday, February 24, 2014

Parallel Attraction by Deidre Knight

I really did love this book, I loved Jared and Kelsey and their relationship. Jared he's not from here per say, and his ways are erm... unusual, "there," he said when he was finished. He gave a satisfied sound of approval as he studied her. "Yes, you wear my stone well." He's fiercely loyal and protective, "he wanted a relationship with me, but only on his terms" she clarified, laughing softly. "And I was willing...for a while. Until he hurt me." He felt an irrepressible flash of fury: That any man might have hurt his bondmate awakened the warrior in him. His hands clenched at his sides, his full body tensed and it was all he could do to suppress an audible growl of protection." I mean he likes to make sure all their parts work together, "I said, it's important that my anatomy meet-" he paused, eyes sparkling as he unsnapped the fly of her jeans - "all human requirements." And the boy is not shy in saying his wants and needs, "Kelsey." He panted in her ear, stroking his fingers beneath the soft curve of her bottom until he found her wet heat. "I need to join again, Kelsey. I need to bond anew." And he's uncomfortable with some things, "because I don't want to seed...myself...outside of you." He gasped hungrily, pulling her scent into his body. "I want inside. Outside is...good....but..." He groaned at his inability to express himself in human words." 

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