Monday, February 24, 2014

The Right Side of Mr. Wrong by Jane Linfoot

Nothing like showing your knickers at a first meeting, "a freak gust tore at the pleats and blasted them skywards. Before she had time to react, the air hostess skirt had twisted inside out, and was billowing, wildly somewhere her ears. 'nice one!' Brando's face cracked into an, involuntary smile. Just what a guy needed to brighten a dreary afternoon. Maybe there was a god after all. Stocking tops, delicious dark knickers, he had enough time to make out the pattern of the lace. He gave a nod of appraisal. 'twelve out of ten for that bottom - at the very least.' A tug at the base of Brando's stomach, a constriction of denim in the groin area, indicated that the skirt wasn't all that was rising." I mean Brando isn't the only one that appreciates a good arse so doesn't Shea, "Shea heard the polished oak boards creak gently as Brando turned and sauntered casually towards the staircase. Wow! Rear of the year, or what? She let out a silent gasp of appreciation. Not that she was in the least bit interested, but a view like that could hardly go un-applauded." I mean the boy runs out of the essentials in a bad time, "hell no. Just off to get more condoms." Grins seldom came more wicked than the one he sent her now. "I seem to remember someone suggested bed later?" I loved this book. 

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