Saturday, February 22, 2014

Defining Destiny by Deanna Chase

Lucy has some fire in her, "I glare and step away from him, steadier now. "No matter how it turns out? Seriously? Don't be a jerk. It's not easy to get up in front of a room full of drunken a**holes and sing your heart out." Seth he's full of passion, "Lucy," he gasps. "I want you. I want you pressed up against this wall with me buried inside you when I come." He's fiercely protective, "by now Seth is done with the tattoo he was working on and is standing beside me, a murderous expression on his face. 'He stole the song you wrote for your dad? Did I hear that right?" And Lucy she likes to show Seth a good time, "hey. "Her smile turns mischievous and then she grabs my shirt and yanks me inside." I would really love it if Jax got a story. 

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