Saturday, February 22, 2014

Take the Bait by Cindy Dees

Right from the start there is so much sexual tension from Dani and Cam, "you're going to risk years in jail for your client in hopes that I'll screw up my job?" Townsend demanded in disbelief. "I happen to be damned good at what I do, Miss..." he looked down at a yellow sticky note on the file in front of him "...Wellford." Dani is such a damn spitfire, "she said pleasantly, "I hear they're having anti-sexual harassment training here, today. Perhaps you'd like to join a session in progress?" His mouth fell open as she turned around and march out of the room." I mean she just knows how to go in for the kill, "her gaze snapped to Cam's, and on cue he smirked. She snapped, "at least my bat's hard and smashes balls." I so enjoyed reading this book. 

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