Saturday, February 22, 2014

Head Above Water by Amber Garza

I loved Tag and his flirtatious manner, "oh, I'll give you want you want." I nip her bottom lip with my teeth and she giggles." Harper she's a real hands on girl, "I trace the tattoo on his upper chest and then let my hands linger over his taut chest muscles and hard abs. The muscles flex beneath my palm as his fingers weave through my hair. When his lips disconnect from mine, he drops his forehead to mine." I mean the girl knows how to take hold of a situation, "you really are," she teases. Then surprised me by taking the initiative and pressing her lips to mine. I growl as I grip her tighter and kiss her with everything I have." And well the boy can only handle so much, "touching me like that and breathing on my chest." His gaze roves over my body. "Especially while wearing that sexy bathing suit. You're driving me crazy." I loved Tag and I hope Clint gets his own book

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