Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BLOG TOUR REVIEW/GIVEAWAY: When I Break by Kendall Ryan

There's a couple things you should know about Knox, one he's a total sex addict, two, the boy is NOT bashful, "I returned to stand in front of Knox. His smile was playful as his eyes wandered the length of my body. His look was so sexual, so erotic, that my stomach twirled into a series of intricate knots and my knees trembled where I stood." The boy has no qualms of saying how he's feeling, "I let out a snort. "You think you're going to cure me of wanting sex, angel?" Not a chance." He has anger issues as well, "sex feels good, McKenna," I spat out. "You should try it. It releases endorphins." I think with McKenna's help he's starting to see some of his issues he needs to work on, "holy sh**. Maybe I did have a problem. I was sitting in a sex addicts meeting with a hard-on. I was pretty sure that couldn't be filed under N for normal." Sometimes I felt that Knox would use anything to get alone with McKenna, but then I thought maybe he really is shy (shocking that I thought that I know) "I don't like this sharing bullsh** in the group. I'm not saying I won't talk to you - I will. Me and you. Someplace else. Private." I did notice a change in Knox when he's with McKenna, he questions himself more and he lets loose (not sexually but he's not so uptight) "I prefer females. I thought we'd established that was my main problem." Her cheeks flushed ever so slightly. "And no, angel, I don't have a girlfriend." This boy has so many naughty thoughts about McKenna, "I'd fought the urge to walk up behind her and cage her in against the counter, and rub up against her like a dog in heat." I also noticed him going out of his comfort zone more with McKenna, "Knox, we're not throwing away the poop cot. It'll come clean. They're short on cots as it is." Eff me, the things I'd do for this girl. I soaked the sponge in soapy water and began scrubbing at the cot, fighting back the gagging in my throat." I mean he's really changing, "I asked the hostess for a table for two and noticed her gaze flicker between and McKenna. Did she think we were on a date? Sh**, were we on a date? I never did things like this - take a girl out to eat." Then things changed and this is where I can't say where/when but I needed to email the author and ask WTF!?! 

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