Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twisted by Emma Chase

Drew and Kate are back and they are naughtier than ever, "you like it when I suck your co**, Drew?" he likes dirty talk too. Actually, there's not much Drew doesn't like." And Kate learns that you don't mess with Drew, "without a warning, a hard chest presses up against my back, shocking me. I squeak and the glass drops and shatters in the sink. I don't know how he got free, but the handcuffs are dangling from his wrists. Rough hands pull me back, trapping me." I mean the boy is still cocky, "he removes the towel from his hips and rubs it over his shoulders. And I'm pretty sure I start to drool. Maybe I'm an a** woman after all. "You know it's impolite to stare." He makes the best promises, "he spins me around and slaps me on the rear. "Now get that delectable a** in the shower so we can go. The sooner we eat, the quicker we can come back here and eff until the sun comes up." I loved Drew all over again. 

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