Wednesday, February 26, 2014

If Only by A.J. Pine

I was team Noah all the way, "Noah fastens his hands behind his neck and groans. "That's not what I meant. Sh**, what is it about you, Brooks? I've known you for a day, but you make me crazy like I've known you for years. Everything you're thinking right now is an assumption, and you're probably wrong about ninety percent of it." I just loved him, "not now. I mean, yes. I do want you to come with me now. But I'm talking about this summer. We need more time. Come with me to Europe. Stay with me until August." I just loved him I can't think of anything else intelligent to say, "see?" he says, his lips still on my skin. "Noises like that," he teases, kissing down the inside of my thigh. "When it's time, don't you worry. The boxers will be history." 

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