Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kissing in Cars by Sara Hassinger Ney

Good lord I loved Molly, "I take a chance and raise my eyes. Yup, there he is, staring at my face with his lips pulled into a smirk, the dark hair under his ball cap curling up slightly over his ears. The sleeves are cut off the bright blue A&F shirt he's wearing, and as he leans back lazily with his arms crossed, it draws attention to his biceps, which look...insanely ripped. Tall at 6'2." And Wes that boy is well such a damn boy, "under the brim of my ball cap, I continue watching as Molly Wakefield tries to scoot her a** out of her chair - in that short jean skirt, it's pretty obvious she's trying not to give me a crotch shot. I watch her anyways, just in case she does." He's so smooth when he's with his girl, "babe, you're so adorable when you're pi**ed. Come here," he repeats, grabbing my hand before I can protest, and drags me until I'm standing in between those gorgeous thighs." He knows one way to shut up his lady love, "I grab her hand and pull her in for a quick peck on the lips to shut her up. "Sit down already, would you?" I mean his thoughts are so manly, "not gonna lie: in the year we've been dating, I've become one horny bast**d. Having a steady girlfriend is great because I get to have sex with my best friend. Like - all the time. And for a second there I almost give in to her hands roaming my bare chest. One thing is for sure - if she's trying to manipulate the situation so we'll stay home by getting me turned on." 

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