Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hot and Bothered by Kate Meader

Tad he knows how to defuse labor pains, "so the window for legalized narcotics has passed," Tad said. "But that's okay because I'm here. I'm your drug, baby. Just look at me and tell me you're not addicted to my shocking good looks." Also the boy has an appreciative view on Jules's breasts, "a double gin and tonic." As soon as the words escaped her lips, her mouth watered like she was Pavlov's dog. "Just one, though, because I'll be breastfeeding." Tad's dark brows lifted and his gaze dropped to her breasts, covered by a hospital gown. They'd ballooned to a point where they could be seen from the International Space Station. There was the Great Wall of China, then her massive boobs." Tad the boy is quite considerate, "I offered to take care of your needs," he said loudly." He's fiercely protective, "if Doctor Perfect of that Conor a**hole had so much as laid a finger on her - with or without her permission - he was going to deal a heavy dose of deliverance with his hands." He's quite pushy when it comes to certain things, "he rubbed his sandpapery jaw against her cheek. "Time until your next orgasm." Blimey, were they on a schedule here?" Tad he's also sensitive about certain body parts of his being discussed, "oh, for eff's sake. The bargain had been fulfilled, over and over again. All night, she had been right there with him, alternating between satisfying his starving co** and begging him to feast on her honeyed heat. No part of his anatomy had even flirted with 'flaccid.'" I can't wait to see whose next in this series. 

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