Friday, February 28, 2014

Beyond Reason by Karice Bolton

 Oh Ayden I loved you, "do you always look this sexy at work?" Ayden murmured, as he stepped onto the elevator." I mean I'm totally with Lily on always being distracted with erm... Ayden's endowments, "Ayden shrugged and leaned against the counter, allowing his torso to stretch...which inadvertently lowered his pajamas...which made my eyes dip as I followed along his abdomen to where the elastic met the fabric. It was totally not my fault." I mean he is just so damn distracting, "I glanced up at Ayden as he sat up, his blonde hair in complete disarray and blue eyes still a little sleepy. "What?" he asked, pushing his hand through his hair. Of course, he was shirtless, but was wearing a pair of boxers and my gaze fell to his abdomen." I can't wait for Gabby's story next! 

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