Friday, February 28, 2014

Taming Casanova by MJ Carnal

Sweet baby Jesus Kevin doesn't hold anything back, "don't cover up. I'm gonna use this visual later." Kevin rubbed his hands over his shorts. "Jesus, Andi. Is this what you wear to bed every night?" Andi the girl may not want to admit it but she does get jealous, "it's been a long week. Just go play with your toy." Tears filled her eyes but she blinked them away. "She flew halfway across the country for what you've got, Deuce. Go prove you were worth it." Her door slammed." Kevin does have an honest bone in him blunt honest bone but still honest, "he grabbed her hand and pulled it to his boxers. "You did this to me. Not Sue, not Ashley, not anyone else these days. You have me so effed up. I haven't been with a woman since Lily." And the man possesses a caveman bone, "are you done?" Kevin stood from the table. "Is this mind eff over?" Without waiting for a response, Kevin pulled her off Ryan'a lap, threw her over his shoulder and headed for the stairs." 

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