Friday, February 28, 2014

Tyler and Stella by Heidi Joy Tretheway

Stella is easily distracted by erm... Tyler's tattoos let's just say, "is that why you have all the weights?" I watch his tattoos dance on strong arms as he kneads my feet." You don't mess with Stella the woman gets might pe-ode when it comes to not getting naughty, "seriously? Stop?" My face is flaming with humiliation and I climb off Tyler's lap and grab my shoes trying to shove them on my feet as fast as possible. "Whatever you say, Tyler. At least you made up your mind. You've been sending mixed signals all night." The boy is also in deep, "what? I thought - I thought you'd come home with me." Tyler's eyes are heated with passion, promising more than another scorching kiss." These two fight like cats and dogs but there's so much passion between them that I enjoyed being on their journey so damn much. 

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