Friday, February 21, 2014

Breaking Beauty by Celia Loren

Romy, I sometimes like where her thoughts lead, "plus - going by her glimpse in the bathtub - making love to Bryson Vaughn would not be the worst way to lose her last shred of dignity." Bryson he's not afraid to let his girl know how his body parts are doing, "you've got me so effing hard, Romy Adelaide," he said." And he gets so giddy over the strangest of things, "helping her off the Harley's back with a firm but gentle hand, Bryson grinned unabashedly - like a little boy. "You like the bike?" he asked." He's a guy whose open about his feelings, "if it's a woman I really like, yes. Yes. I guess what I'm saying's that I really effing like you." And Romy know how to get her man going, "she kissed the inky imprint of his neck tattoo, tasting blood and sweat and something else spicy and strange. He reached around and squeezed her knee. "Welcome to the Devil's Aces, Adelaide. You're a bad girl now, and there's no going back." he called over the din of his revving engine."

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